Labor Day in Truckee at the river, 2018

Summer's end brings a sweet spot in Truckee for locals. Traffic dies down, parking spaces downtown free up, and the crowds disperse. The lines at the grocery stores go away and we no longer have to go to Reno to shop!

September is a magical time in Truckee, with the hot days and cold nights. Its a perfect time to roast a chicken and light a fire in the fireplace during the evening to cozy up, but during the day, warm walks in the garden and a bike ride to downtown for a coffee are fantastic ways to enjoy Locals' summer here.

The Legacy Trail in Truckee is a great way to enjoy the Truckee River. Stop along the way for a swim to cool off, ride all the way from the Log Cabin to downtown, and then to Glenshire.

The route to Glenshire on a bike is pretty easy to access directly from the Log Cabin - just follow the trail to Alder from the back of our house, ride down Alder to the paved trail that starts at Alder Middle School, then take the annex paved trail downtown to Bridge Street. Follow Bridge St to River St, take a left and ride to the bridge that accesses the Legacy Trail.

The last few weeks of light in the evening lend to a hike or bike ride - its always a bit depressing when it starts to get dark so early, so enjoy the bright time while you can!


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