During gatherings, the kids find their silly place to hang out!

The countless parties, holiday, barbecue bashes and family sleepovers that have been hosted at The Log Cabin bring the house alive with laughter and love. There have even been 5 weddings here.

Whether its the yearly Stony Creek Neighborhood Progressive Dinner inside during a snowy Christmastime night, or a larger fundraiser on the back deck, this cabin can handle it all and then some.

With this legacy of good karma, laughter and peace, memories of this home shared with friends, family - and in some cases, complete strangers - make for a home alive with anticipation for fun.

In July 2018, the home will host a fundraiser for TINS (Tahoe Institute for Natural Science), complete with live music and a nature talk in the natural meadow setting of our yard. Stay tuned for a save-the-date notification!


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